Modeling, Acting, Personal Improvement

Modeling Program

Preparing for a career in modeling requires learning about particular specialized categories in the different fields as each demands special techniques. Some models follow their careers in TV Commercials or print ads, others prefer runway, promotions, trade shows, freeze modeling, etc. La Créme has been enhancing the dreams of its students for over 30 years. We’ll specifically assist you in auditioning using uncommon strategies to help you stand out from your competitors. We guide you to achieve success in any career you choose to pursue in life, making your personality your most valued asset.

Develop Poise & Posture

Creative Wardrobe Planning

Basic Makeup Artistry & Skin Care

Photo Movement Technique

Diet, Nutrition & Exercises

Glamorizing & Accessorizing your Attire

Television & Video Modeling

Communication & Voice Projection

Hair Care

Nail Care

Conventional Bookings

Promotional Bookings

Etiquette and Protocol - Good Manners

Television Commercials

Personality Plus Development

Personal Improvement Program

Achieving Personal & Professional Self-Esteem

Etiquette Classes. Good Manners.

Diet, Nutrition & Exercise

Skin, Hair & Nail Care

Glamorizing your Wardrobe

The Art of Communication

Voice Projection, Development & Technique

Dressing for success

Acting Program

One very specific aspect of modeling is performance in television, films and videos. Success in this field requires training in acting, proper TV camera behavior and video development, among other skills. Since 1996 La Creme has been providing actual hands on experience in this area; students are videotaped while performing their acting classes and then motivated to correct themselves with the guidance of our experienced teachers. Whether you want to focus on this fascinating aspect of modeling, wish to work in the TV industry or are an aspiring actor/actress, this program will help you achieve your goals.

Cold Reading

TV Commercials

Movies (Netflix, Disney Channel, Etc.)


Audition Techniques


Acting Opportunities

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